descriptionThe PLaneT Server Source
last changeThu, 21 Nov 2013 12:40:13 +0000 (07:40 -0500)
2013-11-21  Robby Findleradd sekret header to avoid a backwards incompatibility master
2012-11-30  Robby FindlerRackety
2012-07-07  Robby Findlerfix another case where old-style requires were used...
2012-07-02  Robby Findleradjust hardwired paths for new location
2012-04-03  Robby Findlerfix extension dropping for the 'to load' lines
2012-01-27  Robby Findlerimprove the code that determines when to use the old...
2011-12-27  Robby Findlerfixed email/url
2011-12-27  Robby Findlerupdated mailing list address
2011-10-15  Robby Findlerfixed a bug in the way the top bug closers list is...
2011-10-06  Eli BarzilayMake parsing of replacement tags more robust, and allow...
2011-08-18  Robby Findleradded another safeguard against bad user-supplied xml
2011-08-17  Robby Findler.
2011-08-17  Robby Findleradded servlet
2011-02-08  Robby Findleradded a no-periods-in-username restriction
2011-02-03  Robby Findlermade the ascii check actually check for ascii
2011-02-03  Robby Findleradded a little more debugging info in the event of...
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